Hometown Hero
By Jack Casey
January 23, 2021

Mahopac Fire Department rolled out on a special call this afternoon to a private residence in the eastern section of the district. With the Chief's Car and a first due engine from Fire Headquarters pulling up in front of the home of Amaya Lim, the birthday girl thought it might be a "drive by" for her birthday. Once stopped, out came Sparky the Fire Dog and Chief Jim Stasiak who presented Amaya with a certificate for going "Above and Beyond" when her young brother stopped breathing in their home as she was getting ready to ZOOM for school. As her mom and grandmother, both nurses, tended to the youngster, Amaya dialed 911 and stayed on the phone with the Dispatcher, answering questions and relaying updates from mom. When asked how she could do what she did, Amaya said that it was what she learned at Fire Prevention, starting in Kindergarten. The fire department wanted to reinforce how important Fire Prevention is to the next generation and Amaya, now a 5th grader at Lakeview School, is a shining star to her family and fire department alike.