Let the Water Flow
By Chief James Stasiak
May 28, 2020

Virus or not, we must be ready and able to respond to all who call for help. Tonight's drill was to familiarize members with controlling the hose nozzle while using 2 1/2 " and 2" hoses at various pressures and flow rates and to calculate the GPM flow rates with various nozzles, hose diameters and pump discharge pressures. Advancing a hose into a fire can be difficult because of the nozzle back-pressure as well as the "water weight" in the hose length. A fire hose, under pressure, will present resistance to bend and be extremely difficult to advance up a stairway and around turns. A strong, well-trained team on the advancing hose must work together cohesively as they brave the heat, flame and punishing steam inside a burning structure.