HazMat Response
By Jack Casey
April 9, 2020

Mahopac Fire Dept. was dispatched to Rt. 6 at the White Sail condominiums for a sheen on the water behind the building. Responding with an Engine and Rescue company, Chief Jim Stasiak assumed Incident command as Captain Kyle Trillas took Operations and Safety. With Carmel Police Officer Chris Fox on location to greet them, Firefighters broke off into teams to find the source. Soon after, NYC DEC Hazardous Materials Response Team arrived on the scene to lend their expertise. After checking downspouts, drains and catch basins, the Chief and his crew, checked the bottom of the elevator shaft, finding a small amount of hydraulic fluid had been pumped out by a sump pump. With the situation under control and the proper clean up in the works, Firefighters packed up and returned to Headquarters.

Units: 18-1-1, 18-6-1