MVA Slows traffic
By Jack Casey
December 6, 2018

Mahopac Fire, EMS and Fire Police were dispatched along with multiple units from Carmel Police, to a car vs tractor trailer accident with injuries at the intersection of Rt 6 and Union Valley Rd. at 9:00am this morning (12/6). While enroute, the call was downgraded to a vehicle damage only call, with the EMS unit standing by at Headquarters. Arriving units found the vehicles off the main road allowing traffic to proceed at a reduced speed. Asst. Chief Andy Roberto assumed Incident Command finding the control valves on the tanker damaged causing a minor spill. The fire crews ascertained that the lines to the damaged valves were closed and proceeded to keep the fluid to a small area with absorbent material. Police Sgt. Terrazzas, with Officers Crecco and Pearson began the police investigation of the accident, keeping an eye on the overall scene.

Units: 18-1-3, 18-2-1