New Lineup for 2024
January 1, 2024

Congratulations to our Administrative and Firematic Officers for 2024

Chief of Department - Gabriel Rivera
1st Assistant Chief - Kyle Trillas
2nd Assistant Chief - Brandon Timmins

Company Captains
Engine 1- Brian Smith
Engine 2 - John Deagan
Engine 3- William Bahr
Truck - William Kelly
EMS - Dawn Stasiak

Company Lieutenants
Engine 1- John Nikisher
Engine 2- Daniel Fiorio
Engine 3 - Timothy Stasiak

EMS - Jenna Magliari

President- Ronald Goodrow
Vice President- Michael Gray
Commissioner- Michael Maguire
Recording Secretary- Laura Whitten
Financial Secretary- Craig Machado
Treasurer- Jack Zencheck
Corresponding & LOSAP Secretary-
Thomas Beatty
Sergeant at Arms - John Ortiz