Alarm # 2022-0850
May 8, 2023

Chief Andrew Roberto gave recognition tonight at Croton Falls Volunteer Fire Department to all who responded to the following.
Alarm # 2022-0850
Date: 11/02/2022
On Wednesday November 2, 2022, at 12:20 pm. Mahopac VFD, Mahopac Falls VFD, Croton FallsVFD, Yorktown VFD, North Salem VAC, Carmel Police, NYC DEP Police, and Putnam County Sheriffs were dispatched to the Croton Falls Reservoir for a party who fell out of a boat. Upon the arrival of response agencies, we found three adult males clinging to an aluminum row boat. The victims were: Jerzy Mikrut, Zbigneiw Browiecki, and Jan Szczepanowski. These men had quickly become victim to the frigid water and were in danger of hypothermia and other associated medical emergencies. Response agencies quickly went to work in attempts to rescue the distressed fishermen. Mahopac and Mahopac Falls VFD’s were able to deploy their departments water rescue zodiac boats, while Carmel Police obtained an additional aluminum rowboat. In just under 20 minutes, the victims were removed from the water into rescue boats, transported to shore, treated, evaluated, and transported to local hospitals. These men would not be alive today if not for the courageous acts of all responders involved.
We would like to recognize the following members of service for their courageous and diligent actions on this day.
Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department:
Chief Andrew Roberto
Lieutenant John Nikisher
Ex-Chief William Nikisher,
Ex-Chief James Stasiak,
FF/EMT James Cook,
FF EMT Liam Mullins,
FF EMT Joseph Nikisher
FF EMT Timothy Stasiak
Mahopac Falls Volunteer Fire Department:
Chief Robert Trace,
Assistant Chief Christopher Tompkins
Captain Jason Stasiak
Captain Brian Ward Jr.
Ex-Chief Charles Castronovo
Ex-Chief Randall Tompkins
FF Aaron Wisotsky
FF John Casey Jr.
FF James McGinty III
FF John Scala,
FF George Tompkins
EMT Elizabth Garcia
EMS Lt. Ariana Inzano
Croton Falls Volunteer Fire Department:
Assistant Chief Jeffery Daday
Ex-Chief Jason Blauvelt
Ex-Chief John Blauvelt
Ex-Chief Jeffery Daday
Hermes Guedes
Peter Kamenstein
Josh Leicht
Jason Nickson
Peter Van Scoy
Carmel Police Department:
Chief Anthony Hoffman
Lt. Michael Bodo
Sgt.: Laura Whitten
Sgt. Sandy Crecco
Det. Daniel Shea
P.O. Brian Smith
P.O. Benjamin Pearson
P.O. Arthour Kloskowski
New York City DEP:
Sgt. Winthers
New York State Police:
Trooper Kuete
Trooper Kimmelman
Putnam County Sheriff
Deputy Aisenstat
Deputy Cihanek
Deputy Hayes
Deputy Kerwick
Deputy Simone
North Salem VAC:
Captain Kurt Guldan